FPL Draft ranks: Gameweek 16

As predicted, Pep Guardiola had us all on strings ahead of the midweek fixtures on Tuesday. What we didn't foresee was seven changes each for Liverpool and Manchester United, including the omissions of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Paul Pogba and (maybe less surprisingly) Romelu Lukaku. With that in mind, Saturday's lineups should be … Continue reading FPL Draft ranks: Gameweek 16

Differential Potential – Gameweek 13

The Differential XI's first run out brought about mixed results in Gameweek 12; a Gameweek which seems like months ago thanks to the latest UEFA Nations League interlude. Bringing in two points or less in Fantrax, Christopher Schindler, Alberto Moreno, Naby Keita, Josh Murphy and Robert Snodgrass were (to be frank) rubbish. Tidy scores from … Continue reading Differential Potential – Gameweek 13

Differential Potential – Gameweek 12

The only thing worse than the weekend before an International break is...the International break itself. A loss ahead of a dismal FPL-less fortnight is the last thing you need as an FPL draft manager but a win before the break means two whole weeks of bragging rights over your Fantasy enemies. In an attempt to … Continue reading Differential Potential – Gameweek 12

Differential Potential – Gameweek 11

I sit here writing this on a beach in the south of Tenerife with double the smugness, knowing that I was on FPL's latest bandwagon before it even starting moving. If you backed Isaac last week, you'll no doubt have experienced a decent degree of success thanks to a certain Nigerian. Isaac Success took full … Continue reading Differential Potential – Gameweek 11